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Check the FESCO bill online at fescobill.com.pk. This is a free service that lets you view your monthly Fesco bill. You can check your recent bill amount, and due date, and view the full bill here. You can download a copy of the bill, or print out your Fesco WAPDA bill for payment. You can check your Faisalabad Electric Supply Company bill by entering your 14-digit reference number or 10-digit customer ID below.

FESCO Reference No

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO):

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) is a major electric distribution company in Pakistan, serving the city of Faisalabad and its surrounding regions. Established in 1998, FESCO is responsible for the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity to its designated areas.

The FESCO plays an important role in ensuring a steady and reliable electricity supply to residential, commercial, and industrial customers within its jurisdiction as part of the national power grid. It is committed to providing quality services, addressing consumer complaints, and promoting energy efficiency and conservation.

FESCO also offers a variety of customer services, such as online bill payment, meter installations, and support for new electricity connections. As part of its mission to meet the growing energy demands of Pakistan, Faisalabad Electric Supply Company is committed to continuous improvement and modernization.

How to check FESCO Bill?

Step 1: Accessing the Online Portal

To check your FESCO bill online, visit the official FESCO bill website or a trusted online bill check portal such as fescobill.com.pk. Navigate to the FESCO section on the website.

Step 2: Entering Your Reference Number

Locate your 14-digit reference number on your FESCO bill. Enter this number in the designated input field on the website.

Step 3: Viewing Your Bill

Once you’ve entered your reference number, click on the “Get Bill” button. You will be able to see essential details such as the bill amount, due date, pending amount, and late charge fees

Step 4: Print or Download

If you need a physical copy of your bill, you can choose to either print it or download it in PDF format. This copy can be kept for your records or used for payment purposes.

Areas under FESCO

FESCO serves a wide range of areas in Pakistan, including large divisions and smaller subdivisions. The following is a detailed list of these areas:

Faisalabad Division

Faisalabad City
Faisalabad Sargodha Road
Faisalabad Sheikhupura Road
Faisalabad Jhang Road
Faisalabad Sumundri Road
Faisalabad Satiana Road

Sargodha Division

Sargodha City
Kot Momin
Noorpur Thal
Kalur Kot
Darya Khan
Mitha Tiwana

Jhang Division

Toba Tek Singh
Pir Mahal
Garh Maharaja
Ahmedpur Sial
Athara Hazari

Please note that this list may not cover all the areas within FESCO’s jurisdiction, but it includes the major towns and districts served by the company.

FESCO Helpline Contact Numbers

In case of any query, complaint or emergency feel free to contact the FESCO department at the below-mentioned helpline numbers:

  • Tel:+92- 41- 9220184-9220229
  • Fax: +92 – 41- 922023306
  • Customer Contact: 118
  • UAN: 080066554

FESCO Bill Information

At FESCO Bill, you can conveniently access your electricity bill details just like at fescobill.com.pk. Not only can you quickly see the bill amount along with the due date, but you can also view the full bill, containing essential information such as the meter reading date, bill issue date, and the payable amount after the due date, including any applicable surcharges.

In addition to this, we have enhanced our services to provide you with more insights into your bill payment history. Now, you can check the payment status for all your bills from the last 12 months, ensuring you stay updated on your payment records. Simply open the full bill and refer to the bill payment history section to find comprehensive details on your past payments. Our user-friendly platform aims to simplify your bill payment experience while keeping you informed and in control of your electricity consumption and payments. Choose FESCOBill.com.pk for a seamless and efficient bill payment process.

FESCO Bill Charges Detail

FESCO electricity bills include various charges and components that make up the total amount due. Here is a breakdown of the typical charges you might find on a FESCO bill:

  1. Fixed Customer Charges: These are monthly charges that every customer has to pay, regardless of their electricity consumption. They cover the cost of meter reading, billing, and general administrative expenses.
  2. Energy Units Charges: This is the main component of your electricity bill and is based on the number of units (kilowatt-hours – kWh) of electricity consumed during the billing period. The more electricity you use, the higher this charge will be.
  3. Fuel Adjustment Charges (FAC): The fuel adjustment charges are variable and depend on the fluctuating cost of fuel used to generate electricity. These charges can vary each month and are adjusted based on the actual fuel cost.
  4. General Sales Tax (GST): The GST is a government-imposed tax applicable to electricity bills. The percentage of GST can vary and is calculated on the total bill amount.
  5. Tariff Differential Subsidy (TDS): The TDS is a subsidy given by the government to reduce the impact of rising energy prices. It aims to provide relief to certain consumer categories.
  6. Meter Rent: If you are using a rental meter, a meter rent charge may be applied to your bill.
  7. Late Payment Surcharge: If you fail to pay your bill by the due date, a late payment surcharge will be added to your outstanding amount.
  8. Government Taxes and Levies: In addition to GST, there might be other government taxes and levies applied to the bill.
  9. Arrears: If there are any outstanding amounts from previous bills, they will be added as arrears to the current bill.
  10. Other Charges: Additional charges like connection charges, reconnection charges, etc., might be applicable in specific cases.

It is important to note that the charges and their names may vary based on changes in government policies, tariff structures, and energy usage. Always refer to the detailed bill statement provided by FESCO for the most accurate and up-to-date information on your electricity bill charges.

Making Payments for Your FESCO Bill:

Online Payment Methods:

  • Easypaisa and JazzCash: Download the respective mobile apps, navigate to the bills payment section, select electricity, choose FESCO as the service provider, enter your reference number, confirm the bill amount, and complete the payment by entering your PIN or MPIN.

Offline Payment Methods:

  • Visit the nearest bank branch or post office with a printed copy of your bill and make the payment in person.


In this digital age, managing your FESCO online bill has become hassle-free and convenient. With the ability to check your bill amount, due date, and pending charges online, as well as a range of online payment options, FESCO has made bill management seamless for its customers. By understanding the components of your bill and exploring the available services, you can ensure a smooth and efficient experience with FESCO’s online billing system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is FESCO?

FESCO stands for Faisalabad Electric Supply Company, a major electric distribution company in Pakistan responsible for supplying electricity to Faisalabad and its surrounding regions.

What are the payment options available for FESCO bills?

FESCO offers multiple payment options, including credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, net banking, and over-the-counter payments at designated banks.

How can I check my FESCO bill status online?

To check your FESCO bill status online, visit the fescobill.com.pk website, enter your reference number, and view your bill details.

What should I do if my FESCO bill seems higher than usual?

If you notice an unusually high FESCO bill, you should check your meter reading and consumption patterns. If discrepancies persist, contact FESCO’s customer support for assistance.

How can I apply for a new electricity connection from FESCO?

To apply for a new electricity connection, visit the nearest FESCO office and follow the application process, which usually involves providing the necessary documents and paying the required fees.

What is FESCO’s helpline number?

FESCO’s helpline number is usually a toll-free number provided for customer assistance and reporting issues.
Tel #:+92- 41- 9220184-9220229
Fax #: +92 – 41- 922023306
Customer Contact: 118
UAN # 080066554

How can I register a complaint with FESCO?

To register a complaint, you can call FESCO’s helpline, visit their office in person, or use their online complaint registration system.

How can I update my contact information with FESCO?

You can update your contact information by visiting the nearest FESCO office or using their online customer portal.

What should I do if I receive an incorrect bill from FESCO?

If you receive an incorrect bill, contact FESCO’s customer support immediately to rectify the issue.

Is there any penalty for late bill payment?

Yes, FESCO may apply a penalty or surcharge for late bill payments.